T Shirts For Jesus Todo Lo Puedo En Cristo Que Me Fortalece

$24.24 $16.97

T-shirts with Christian messages with silk screen printing.



$24.24 $16.97

$24.24 $16.97

$24.24 $16.97

$24.24 $16.97

$24.24 $16.97

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Caguas is the fifth most populated city in Puerto Rico. According to the present Administration’s vision for the city, it is a vibrant, safe, beautiful and orderly city, with solidarity and conviviality among its residents, and dynamic and competitive in its undertakings.

It is a modern city located in the Island’s Turabo Valley which actively promotes economic development while also striving to guarantee social equity, and where its historical, cultural and natural resources are highly valued, respected and treasured.

Caguas enjoys a solid and diversified economy, bolstered by first-rate service, logistics and transportation sectors. Its commercial and retail sector encompasses over 5,000 registered businesses. Retail is the leading sector with the largest number of established businesses, followed by services related to the health sector, as well as social services, food services establishments and lodgings.

With its restaurants, cafés, hotels, cultural venues and large recreational and athletic facilities which host varied and first-rate sports and entertainment offerings, Caguas is an ideal place to set up and establish businesses, to visit and engage in tourist activities and to reside.

On a regional level, Caguas is the largest city in the interior of the Island as well as its main center of economic activity, serving as its leading transportation, industrial, cultural and governmental hub, as well.

Honoring the city’s own symbols, Caguas is reborn daily like Puerto Rico’s “moriviví” plant, it is strong like its oak trees, and like the island’s tiny but uniquely fierce and courageous “pitirre” bird it faces its future with valor and tenacity.

We await you with welcoming arms in the center and heart of Puerto Rico.


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