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In 1966 the name of the Medical Sciences Campus was heard for the first time and in 1972 the building was built, on the grounds of the Medical Center, which today houses the School of Medicine, unique specialized schools in Puerto Rico such as Pharmacy (1913), Dentistry (1957), the Graduate School of Public Health (1970), the College of Health-Related Professions (1976), and the School of Nursing (1995). The Campus also has three Deanships that provide support: Dean of Administration, Students and Academic Affairs. Together, more than 2,000 full-time employees (623 teachers and 1,454 non-teachers) and approximately 3,000 students work.

The diversity of services, complexity and cutting-edge coverage in the health area have made the Medical Sciences Campus with all its Schools responsible for higher education in all the disciplines that comprise it, which positions us as a leader in the research, service and clinical aspects. This ensures our mission to educate, serve and maximize the health of the Puerto Rican people and exposes us as cutting-edge professionals throughout the world.


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