Quesitos $14 - Puerto Rico

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Cost breakdown:
Product cost (32 frozen Quesitos - 1.4oz each): $ 14.00
Local provider shipping cost: $ 10.50

You can finally enjoy our famous Quesitos in the comfort of your home! Quesitos are a delicious and crispy puff pastry filled with cream cheese! You will receive them frozen so you can bake them in your home whenever you like! You won’t be able to eat just one ...

You will receive two boxes with 16 units each in the comfort of your home!! From our house to your house!

** Shipments will be made from the Los Cidrines factory in Arecibo from Monday to Thursday **
** The shipment of this product will be separately from the total order, if the order has more than one item as part of your final purchase.**

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The ingredients of our products are carefully selected to obtain the freshness, delicious texture and magnificent variety that delight the most demanding palate. Our bread and pastries are recognized for their excellent quality. Cidrines was born in Arecibo in 1978, founded by the brothers Manuel and Guillermo Cidre.


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