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If you want a snack for your family that is full of crunch, this is the way to go. Our natural style, extra crunchy peanut butter provides the most wholesome peanut butter experience PB lovers can have, while still being a very healthy food option.



$6.74 $4.72

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Happy is a family business. Our founder is Juan A. Valentín, a Trujillo Alto native and a food industry visionary who grew up working in the local farmer market to help support his family.

His first big business venture took place in the 70’s, when the opened his first WIC store. Success followed, and he eventually became the owner of 24 WIC certified stores across the island under the name of “Tu Nutricentro Inc”.

It was during those years, that he realized there was a void in the market for healthy, family oriented products that were compliant with the strict standards of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service, and that were readily available in the island.

So he decided to go for it. He created, with the help of nutritionists, and following the strict guidelines of the Department of Agriculture, a line of products that got the quality blessing from the Federal Government to be sold at WIC stores, and thus Happy Products Inc. was born in 1994.

After the ups and downs of our local economy, Happy’s quality products have been able to grow to the point where they are sold beyond WIC stores.

As for our products, we have taken the time to study the changing nutritional needs of families, including the increasing above 60 population, to reformulate our products to address the needs of each age group, consistent with the changes in the profile of modern families.

Today, Happy is still a family-owned business, proudly 100% Puerto Rican. You will continue to find our products in the shelves of WIC stores. But we are also available in large supermarket chains, independent supermarkets, drugstores, and Cash and Carry stores everywhere, making a name for ourselves side by side well known international brands. We are also proud to serve Head Start schools and hospitals, amongst other important institutions.

We plan to continue growing by exporting our products, making them readily available for families outside Puerto Rico. We are also opening our distribution channels to collaborate with other brands that share our company values.


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