Matcha is produced with tea leaves that are grown in the shade to increase chlorophyll content. These chlorophyll-rich leaves are then handpicked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder. It’s extremely high in antioxidants. Our Matcha is high quality, great for boosting your metabolism, enhancing concentration & reducing stress. Perfect anti-aging tea. Amount: 84 grams/ 3 oz (approx. 52 cups / 2 grams each).

Organic Green Tea (non GMO).

Caffeine Level:
☕ ☕ Medium-Low (16-25mg).

Leaf to Water Ratio- 1 tbsp per 8oz.
Water Temperature- 175°-185°F.
Steep Time- 2-3 minutes.

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Alou Thé was born in 2002 from a genuine interest in the world of tea. That summer, its creator and founder studied at The Sorbonne in Paris where she had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues from other countries who introduced and exposed her to other cultures, knowledge, and interests, among them: tea. When she returned to Puerto Rico, she consumed tea the only way she knew it, from regular tea bags.

Years later, in 2008 while wandering around the world, on her internship for her Master's degree in China, she broadened her vision and saw how other cultures made food their medicine. She visited India and other countries with a marked tea culture, which sensitized her about its importance. In 2012, she met a German man in Nepal who travelled the world tasting coffee and honey. Influenced by him, among conversations and reflections, she became interested in bringing high quality tea to Puerto Rico.

Understanding that there were no specialists or professionals on this matter in Puerto Rico, she decides to be formally educated on the subject in 2014. She then traveled to Argentina where she becomes certified as a Tea Designer at the Argentine Tea School, and later on as a "Tea Sommelier" at the Argentine Interamerican Open University. These institutions gave a formal touch in order to conceptualize a formless idea; Alou Thé ("The birdie's tea" or "Alondra's/Alouette's Tea"), a brand launched officially in 2016 out of a mix of acquired knowledge, experience, and love for tea.

Alou Thé is a brand with a variety of strained tea blends created with the intention of educating, promote and introduce the importance of incorporating tea (Camellia Sinensis) into our every-day life. Not only for its flavor, or for it being a drink that its attributed with countless properties, but to integrate it to gastronomy and create new tendencies of consumption. High quality strands, brought from the best producing regions of the world, so they can be mixed with local products creating a fusion of colors, smells, and flavors that make every cup unique.

Lisa Marie
This Matcha Tea is worth every cent. I highly recommend it. I sprinkle it on my yogurt or just enjoy it as a tea with honey and ginger. Very strong taste and healthy.
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