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Our chai is a blend of black tea and spices. Chai is the national drink of India, it was invented as a remedy in Ayurveda medicine to relieve pain, stimulate digestion and improve circulation. Spices were used in a sacred way to energize the body and alert the mind. When the British colonized India they added black tea to the infusion, thus gaining more properties.


Numerous investigations have shown that black tea possesses a wide variety of beneficial health properties. Helps reduce cholesterol; helps prepare the digestive system for better functioning and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases; among other.


REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE are the key to protecting the environment. Tips: Add the contents of the bag as compost to the plants; Used as a degreaser and to wash dishes; Use it to marinate meats the night before and they will be more tender.

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ChaNa is a new brand, produced in collaboration by two Puerto Rican tea specialists: Alondra de Brasilia, founder of AlouThé, Tea Sommelier in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Taiwanese Tea Ambassador and “tea blender”; together with the lawyer by profession, Fernando Castillo, specialist in crops and teas CTC, owner of the Ecuadorian Tea Company and Hacienda Sangay in the Amazon, owner and founder of several brands of teas in Latin America.

Fernando, who is a native of Guaynabo Puerto Rico, has a 1000 hectare farm, which meets the climatic conditions and optimal soil, which give the tea some particular characteristics. Hacienda Sangay, at the foot of the Sangay volcano, is a farm developed for more than 50 years. Historically established by several English shareholders. After a trip to Ecuador at the beginning of 2020, De Brasilia is inspired to create ChaNa. First international trademark in tribute to working women.

“ChaNa means tea and Na is the last matriarchy in the World, in Yunnan, the place of origin of tea. Our teas come from the only tea plantation in the Amazon, a self-sustaining farm with the “Rainforest Alliance” certification, which guarantees forest management and optimal conditions for workers. The herbal teas are purchased from indigenous women farmers. Tea is an ancient drink, which provides many health benefits. In addition, it is a livelihood for thousands of working women around the world ”. According to DeBrasilia Rodríguez.

A percentage of the profits generated by the sales of ChaNa will be used to finance, educate and empower women. ChaNa is a collaboration between two Puerto Rican tea specialists to rescue, promote and encourage the culture of tea in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America. With your cup of ChaNa you help us to help other women.


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