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Bundle of 4 Instant Creamy Soups. The bundle includes: 1 Plantain Soups, 1 Sancocho Soup, 1 Plantain Soup Reduced Sodium & 1 Veggie Soup. The Plantain Soup is 100% natural created with a combination of plantain and spices with 100% lightly crispy green plantains. The Sancocho Soup is artfully crafted in the island of Puerto Rico with a tasty and colorful assortment of yellow sweet potato, orange sweet potato, squash, carrot, green beans, plantain and taro. The Plantain Soup reduced in sodium is made of delicious and slightly sweetened ripe plantain.

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Viande® Soups have become more and more prominent in households because of their delicious earthly flavors and incredible nutrition! Oh yeah! We’re enhancing root veggies in a unique and transformative way.


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