Dulce Caña
Dulce Caña is Puerto Rico’s favorite and leading sweetener brand. Dulce Caña offers a wide range of products to meet the different needs of the market of sweeteners: Refined, Brown, Natural, Turbinado, Organic, 0 calorie Sucralose, 0 Calorie Aspartame and 0 Calorie Stevia. Dulce Caña has been in the market over 10 years; our manufacturing facility is USDA Organic Certifies and NON GMO Verified. In 2019 Dulce Caña launched its new line of products made in Puerto Rico, focus on breakfast consumption, most important consumption of the day. The new line offers: Pancake Mix, Pancake Original Syrup and Buttermilk Syrup, both syrups are made without fructose corn syrup and are NON GMO Verified. Also just launched Sugar Free Pancake Syrup.

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